Quality + quantity

Food production needs to be increased, and it needs to be done sustainably. At Sprout Stack we grow the highest quality vegetables, while minimising the impact on environment.

nature + technology

We use a combination of the latest technologies available to achieve maximum freshness, taste and nutrition. Because we grow indoors, we can precisely control every aspect in the growing environment, resulting in consistent great quality and shorter growing cycle.

No nasties

Perfect growing conditions also allow us to grow without the use of any pesticides or GMO varieties.

eternal sunshine

We use energy efficient LED lights to provide our crops with the ideal light recipe year round, so there is no seasonality or cloudy days.

waste not...

An automated irrigation system makes sure our plants don’t get thirsty and have all the nutrients they require to thrive. The best part is that we use 95% less water than traditional growing systems.

close to home

Our farms are modular and can be placed closer to you, reducing the food miles and keeping a smaller carbon footprint.